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Green-capped eremomela

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Green-capped eremomelas (Eremomela scotops) can be observed in both mixed and open woodland. Features of their behaviour include bathing, preening and bathing in groups of 2 to 10. This species roost together in row on the branch of a tree.

Distribution: Mahango National Park, Rundu, eastern Namibian Zambezi and Chobe River systems.

Diet: Forages in the tree canopy for mainly small insects.

Description: Scotops is a Greek phrase for 'a dark eye or face' referring to their dusky lores.

Breeding: Nests are built by groups on a co-operative basis. A small cup of plant down and miombo leaves is bound by spider web, to be eventually hidden amongst the leaves at the tip of a branch.

Size: 11cm. Weight: 9g.

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