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greater swamp warbler

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Not much is known about the greater swamp-warbler (Acrocephalus rufescens), apart from it is solitary and secretive and likes to climb up and down papyrus stems, hopping from one to another in eastern Caprivi swamplands.

Distribution: Mahango National Park, Mudumu National Park and Nkasa Rupara National Park.

Diet: Eats insects and small frogs by foraging low-down on papyrus and at times, breaking cover to visit lily pads.

Description: Dark olive-brown upper parts with a dark brown tail and flight feathers. The underparts are greyish-white.

Breeding: A deep papyrus/reed cup is lined with papyrus leaves. Females lay 2 or 3 eggs in either September, November or December and incubated for at least 14 days.

Size: 18cm. Weight: 19g.

Dune Hopper

3 or 4 Days - The dune hopper concept offers scheduled flights from Windhoek or Swakopmund - with overnight stays of varying lengths at several lodges in the NamibRand Private Reserve and around Sossusvlei

Skeleton Coast Fly-In Safari

4 Days - A not to be missed fly-in Safari to one of the most remote areas on earth. This is an exceptional safari with highly qualified and knowledgeable guides & can safely be described as one of the best safari experiences in Namibia.

Skeleton Coast & Sossusvlei

4 Days - The same as the Skeleton Coast Fly-In Safari (above) but with the addition of a a visit to Sossusvlei

Skeleton Coast & Etosha Fly-In

5 Days - The fourth and final Skeleton Coast Safari gives the opportunity for game viewing in Etosha

Skeleton Coast & Luderitz Fly-In Safari

6 Days - The third is the series of Skeleton Coast Safaris this time with the addition of the small harbour town of Luderitz

Namibia Flying Safari

7 Days - A typical flight around Namibia, this is highly customisable and the itinerary, lodges & even the number of days can be amended to suit your individual requirements

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