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great shearwater

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Great shearwaters (Puffinus gravis) usually inhabit oceanic and continental shelf-waters, without venturing close inshore. Although they usually congregate in small to large flocks, single birds have no hesitation in joining shearwaters and petrels, especially when roosting on the water. They are attracted to small boats and fishing vessels, but rarely large ships.

Distribution Namibian coastlines from Walvis Bay south to the mouth of the Orange River.

Diet: Scavenges at trawlers by submerging the head into the water for scraps. Feeds in and around dolphins and toothed whales for mainly fish, squid and crustaceans.

Description Small to medium-sized shearwater. This species are proficient divers, aided by flattened tarsi and smaller wings. Gravis is Latin for 'heavy or large'.

Breeding: Extralimital. Breeds in rock crevices and burrows on islands.

Size: 50cm. Weight: 850g. Wingspan: 1m

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