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giant kingfisher

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Giant kingfishers (Megaceryle maxima) can be found in almost any water body that can supply sufficient food types and quantity combined with overhanging branches for which to perch and subsequently hunt. Streams, rivers, seashores, sewage ponds and estuaries are within this range. A feature of their magnificent hunting prowess is to plunge into the water and immerse themselves completely, sometimes at sea , before returning to their perch to beat their prey against a solid object until dead.

Distribution: Epupa Falls and the Kunene River estuary into the Atlantic Ocean. Greater concentrations can be seen along the Caprivi extending to Victoria Falls, the Chobe River and the Okavango Delta. Also present in the south of Namibia along the Orange River.

Diet: Fish are swallowed head first. Other items of food include crabs, frogs, clawed toads and aquatic invertebrates.

Description: As the name maxima, Latin for 'largest' suggests, this is the largest of the kingfishers and therefore shouldn't be confused with any other.

Breeding: Between 3 and 5 eggs are laid between July and January in a hole excavated by both male and female in a vertical sandbank near to water. The incubation period is at least 27 days. Nestlings are fed by both adults.

Size: 46cm. Weight: 375g.

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