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european roller

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: European roller birds (Coracias garrulus) are short and stocky. The Latin word garrilus means chattering and babbling. They can be observed perching on dead branches, utility poles or lines in open broad-leafed Acacia woodlands with clearings of grass.

Distribution: Northern and central Namibia especially Etosha National Park and the Caprivi.

Diet: Uses a sit-and wait technique often catching flying insects. Eats mostly beetles, grasshoppers, locust, crickets, butterflies, wasps and bees.

Description: Bright pale blue to greenish-blue heads, a black bill, brown eyes and yellowish-brown legs and feet. Often confused with purple and broad-billed rollers. Vocal in migratory flocks.

Breeding: European rollers are non-breeding visitors to Namibia.

Size: 31cm. Weight: 130g.

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