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cory's shearwater

Birds of Namibia

  Introduction: Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) usually congregate in small flocks on coastal and oceanic waters. Greater numbers can be found around the continental shelf. They rest on the water, usually with other petrels and shearwaters.

Distribution Occurs throughout Namibian coastal waters, with sightings around Torra Bay, Terrace Bay, Mwe Bay and Cape Fria.

Diet: Feeds mainly by day by surface-diving, pursuit-diving and pursuit-plunging but also by crashing into the water from the air. Also eats around Cape fur seals, toothed whales, gamefish and dolphins. Takes mainly fish, squid and cuttlefish.

Description Large grey-brown shearwater with long, broad wings. Calonectris indicates from the Greek language that they are 'good swimmers'.

Breeding: Extralimital. Breeds on islands in the summer.

Size: 50cm. Weight: 900g. Wingspan: 120cm.

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