Sandwich Harbour and Swakopmund from October to December.">
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common tern

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Common terns (Sterna hirundo) are found both inshore and offshore in most coastal areas. They occasionally forage far out to sea. Roosting is by day on low, rocky features or on sandy beaches. At night they favour roosting with other terns on sandflats at river mouths, on offshore islands or on beaches. Bathing in shallow salt water can also be observed.

Distribution: Common from Sandwich Harbour to Cape Cross but found in most other coastal areas including Luderitz, Skeleton Coast and Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Up to 250,000 common terns can be found between Sandwich Harbour and Swakopmund from October to December in a good year.

Diet: Eats mostly small marine fish and crustaceans using a hovering and plunge-diving technique. Forages singly or in loose flocks, large and small, at estuaries and coastal lagoons. Will seek food inland on rivers, dams and pans.

Description: Hirundo is a Latin word which means a 'swallow' notably referring to the swallow-like long wings, short legs, forked tail and graceful flight.

Breeding: Non-breeding migrant to Namibia.

Size: 35cm. Weight: 150g. Wingspan: 80cm.

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