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common starling

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Common starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) usually congregate in small to large flocks, often in association with human habitats, both agricultural and urban populations. Males are known to sing from a rooftop or tree, especially at the start of the breeding season.

Distribution: Only around Oranjemund at the mouth of the Orange River and upstream at various locations.

Diet: Walks rapidly, probing the soil on fields and lawns for frogs and small lizards, millipedes and centipedes, snails, bees and wasps, spiders, grasshoppers and bugs. Also eats figs, guavas, plums, pears, cherries and figs. Takes nectar from flowers.

Description: A small starling with a pale, straight bill, a short tail and pointed wings. The plumage is dark and the musculature structure of the head allows for prising open earth with the bill.

Breeding: Nests are made in holes in trees or buildings.

Size: 22cm. Weight: 75g.

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