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common sandpiper

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Common sandpipers (Actitis hypoleucos) are mainly coastal dwellers (Actitis) but have a broad habitat range in Namibia including any aquatic body favouring rivers, streams, estuaries and sewage works. They prefer to be near water rather than wade into it. Other locations include woodlands and at times gardens.

Distribution: Etosha, Epupa Falls, Kunene River estuary, Caprivi, northern coastal Namib Desert, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Luderitz and the Orange River.

Diet: Mainly insects often gleamed from the backs of hippopotamuses and crocodiles. Also eats small frogs, tadpoles, spiders, small fish and seeds from plant material.

Description: White underparts (hypoleucos), short legs and slightly decurved bill.

Breeding: Common sandpipers breed outside of Namibia.

Size: 20cm. Weight: 50g. Wingspan: 40cm.

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