Sandwich Harbour and Etosha National Park.">
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Chestnut-banded plover

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Chestnut-banded plovers (Charadrius pallidus) can be seen in great numbers in natural coastal bays, natural and man-made salt pans, coastal lagoons and estuaries This species are usually found singly or in pairs, roosting in groups of up to 1,000.

Distribution: Large concentrations at Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour and Etosha National Park. Also observed at Epupa Falls and occurs at other inland Namibian locations.

Diet: Mainly insects and small crustaceans.

Description: Pallidus is Latin for 'palid'. Often confused with the white-fronted plover.

Breeding: Usually 2 eggs are laid in a scrape in the ground not far from water between March and October.

Size: 15cm. Weight: 40g.

Opuwo Country Lodge

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