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capped wheatear

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Capped wheatears (Oenanthe pileata) often inhabit dry grassy plains, semi-arid shrublands and freshly harvested crop lands, usually singly or in pairs. Perching locations include fence posts, wires, bushes, stones and termite mounds. Often fall prey to the black-footed cat.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia including the Namib Desert, Etosha National Pan, Caprivi Strip and the Kalahari Desert.

Diet: Dashes and jabs after descending from a perch to search the ground termites, millipedes, spiders, beetles, cicadas, flies, ants and weevils. Also takes seeds and fruits.

Description: A black crown (pileata means capped) with a white supercilium and forehead. Sides of neck also black, chin and throat white. There are 3 subspecies of capped wheatear of which 2 can be observed in Namibia. The main differences are in size and plumage colouration.

Breeding: Up to 5 eggs are laid from August to January in a cup-shaped pad of leaves, rootlets and grass.

Size: 17cm. Weight: 24g.

Bullsport Guest Farm

The settlement of Bullsport is marked on nearly every map, however it consists of little more than this friendly guest farm. The owners are welcoming and eager to share their Namibian experiences. Great for hiking and horse riding.

Capricorn Rest Camp

A small, budget friendly, owner operated rest camp, with individual bungalows & campsites. Great for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Naukluft Camp - Kudus Rus

Located in the mountainous Naukluft section of the Namib Naukluft Park, this is an ideal base for hikers or those wanting to relax at the crystal clear rock pools that amazingly exist in the desert environment

Neuras Wine Estate

One of the finest desert wine estates in the world can be found on the edge of the Namib Desert. The estate offers accommodation & wine tasting tours

Tsauchab River Camp

A small lodge on the banks of the Tsauchab River - an excellent place for walking and enjoying the surrounding scenery. Visitors are welcomed by an amazing arrary of metal sculptures

Zebra River Lodge

Another excellent place for hiking, in the Tsaris Mountains. If you want a genuinely warm welcome at a special lodge then this is an excellent choice. Zebra River can be used as a base for visits to the dunes at Sossusvlei, but is best used to relax and walk on the massive lodge property

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