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cape spurfowl

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Cape spurfowl (Pternistis capensis) or Cape francolin (Francolinus capensis) before they were renamed, prefer scrubby heath and sheltered scrub found along streams and rivers. They rarely move from under cover and will run away rather than flying when disturbed, erecting crown feathers as they flee. They will approach humans once habituated around them, and are known to fly on to picnic tables to scavenge for food. They will roost at night on the ground, huddled together in dense scrub.

Distribution: Small populations near the mouth of the Orange River and near Augrabies.

Diet: Insects, small snails, ants and termites. Fallen fruits, grapes, apples and pairs add to the summer menu. In winter the diet is supplemented with seeds, berries and fallen grain.

Description: Male and female Cape spurfowl have similar plumage colouration. Their legs and feet are a dull orange-red and the females have the typical Pternistis double tarsal spurs. They are medium-sized gamebirds that regularly roost in trees. They are usually found in small to large coveys.

Breeding: Females lay clutches of up to 8 eggs with an incubation period of around 23 to 26 days.

Size: 40 to 43cm. Weight: 980g.

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