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cape gannet

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: The survival of the Cape gannet (Morus capensis) is linked to the collapse of the Namibian sardine stock in the last 50 years. They range widely over the continental shelf and breed on flat, sloping ground which they use as runways to become airborne. Their group range extends from single sightings up to flocks of thousands.

Distribution Along the coast of Namibia including Luderitz, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast extending north to the Kunene River Mouth.

Diet: Forages from sunrise, diving and swimming underwater for anchovy, hake, snoek, mackerel, sardines and cephalopods.

Description Long wings and body with elongated black wedge-shaped tail. Creamy white plumage with black primaries, secondaries and primary coverts.

Breeding: Cape gannets breed on both Ichaboe and Possession Islands. Non-breeding birds are dispersed along the coast of Namibia as far south as Roastbeef Island. Females lay only 1 egg, rarely 2 between September to December on a cup-shaped depression built on a slope, filled with guano or nearby plants. Eggs are incubated for up to 44 days if they can survive heavy rainfall.

Size: 90cm. Weight: 2.6kg. Wingspan: 1.85m.

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