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cape crow

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Cape crows (Corvus capensis) inhabit arid shrubland, grassland with scattered trees, open savannah woodland, mountain grasslands and dune trees in the desert. Presence is usually in territorial pairs, at times singly, and sometimes in groups of up to 50. Wades belly-deep in to water to bathe and then dips the head, wets the plumage all over and shivers the wings, followed by dry land preening.

Distribution: Common and widespread in Namibia, especially Etosha National Park, northern Namib Desert, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Orange River and southern central plateau.

Diet: Forages on the ground and around the bases of shrubs and other low-growing vegetation, temporary water bodies, livestock pens and road verges. Eats beetles, ants, spiders and caterpillars. Also takes lizards, frogs, domestic chickens, tortoises and roadkill. Fruits and seeds such as jackal-berries, honey-thorns and cultivated maize are favoured.

Description: Glossy black all over with a rounded head. Black, slender pointed bill, legs and feet. Brown eyes.

Breeding: Females build a large bowl of twigs and sticks bought by the male. Between 1 and 6 eggs are laid between September and January.

Size: 50cm. Weight: 500g.

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