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Brown-backed honeybird

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Brown-backed honeybirds (Prodotiscus regulus), also known as sharp-billed honeyguides, are small honeyguides, resident in savannah, thorn scrub, forest edges and open woodland type habitats. They prefer a solitary existence, usually in tall trees, perching near the canopy. Prodotiscus is Greek for 'a betrayer', alluding to their guiding habits.

Distribution: North-eastern Namibia including Caprivi, Rundu, Victoria Falls.

Diet: Forages in tall grass in swampy meadows if not gleaning insects from twigs and foliage in the tree canopy. They have been observed hovering around flowers.

Description: Entire grey-brown upper parts, occasionally paler on the rump and flanks. Legs and feet are greyish, brown or slaty black. They have slender bills, open and rounded nostrils and feed on waxy scaled insects. Often confused with spotted flycatchers. Regulus in name is Latin for prince or kinglet, the reference being obscure.

Breeding: Only 1 egg is laid in a host nest.

Size: 13cm. Weight: 14g.

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