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bronze mannikin

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Bronze mannikins (Spermestes cucullata) congregate in breeding groups of up to 30, otherwise they can be observed in pairs or smaller family groups. Evergreen woodland is favoured as well as suburban gardens. Will fly into cover when disturbed

Distribution: Mahango National Park, Katima Mulilo and the Chobe/Zambezi River confluence.

Diet: Forages and feeds on the ground. Eats mainly grass seeds, some insects, fruit and nectar.

Description: A blackish head (cucullata is Latin for 'hooded') with violet-tinged cheeks. A grey-brown back and wing coverts with blackish-brown flight feathers.

Breeding: Both male and female build a round nest with a side entrance in around 14 days. From 2 to 8 eggs are laid from August to May and incubated for an average of 14 days.

Size: 10cm. Weight: 10g.

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