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Broad-billed sandpiper

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: The Latin word Limicola means 'to inhabit mud', a clear indicator that the broad-billed sandpiper (Limicola falcinellus) can be observed at muddy estuaries, as well as muddy pools near the sea, salt pans and sewage works, all locations that provide very soft mud. They are usually found singly or in small groups on the shores of Namibia.

Distribution: Hoanib River mouth, Walvis Bay Lagoon, Swakopmund and isolated sightings on the Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Walks and breaks into a run, pecking at the ground sometimes stopping for a deep probe into the sand for worms and small crabs.

Description: Falcinellus is the Latin phrase for 'a small sickle', a reference to the long, broad bill, decurved at the top.

Breeding: Non-breeder in Namibia.

Size: 17cm. Weight: 35g.

Amjicaja Guest House

5km from the town center and within walking distance of the lagoon

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A business hotel close to the town center

Lagoon Lodge

A bright & cozy lodge overlooking the lagoon and close to all of the cities amenities

Oyster Box Guest House

A small, upmarket, owner managed guest house offering excellent views over the Walvis Bay lagoon

Pelican Bay Hotel

Well situated with views over the lagoon and close to the ever popular Raft Restaurant

Pelican Point Lodge

Adjacent to a light house on a remote peninsula near the town of Walvis Bay. Pelican Point Lodge offers luxurious accommodation in a tranquil, remote & unspoiled environment

Spindrift Guest House

A friendly & relaxing eight roomed guest house

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