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blacksmith lapwing

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Blacksmith lapwings (Vanellus armatus) can be found in a wide range of habitats that sport moist, short grassland and mudflats around lakes, rivers, salt pans, estuaries, road verges, airports and sports fields. A noisy bird, they will think nothing of flying up to challenge raptors. Bathes regularly by wading into deep water.

Distribution: Widespread throughout Namibia less for southern Namib Desert. Range includes Epupa Falls, Rundu, Etosha National Park, Caprivi, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and most of central and northern regions of the country.

Diet: Eats small aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates such as molluscs, worms, insects and crustaceans.

Description: Armatus refers to their carpal spurs. Colouration includes a black head with a white forehead and neck.

Breeding: Between 1 and 4 eggs are laid in a nest, close to water, in a hollow in the ground such as a hoof-print, lined with vegetation and stones.

Size: 30cm. Weight: 170g.

AloeGrove Safari Lodge

A small private safari lodge north of Otjiwarongo

Babson House at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)

Lodging located on the property used by the Heetah Conservation Fund, this is an excellent option if you want to learn about cheetah conservation

Bush Pillow Guest House

A friendly well run guest house in the town of Otjiwarongo

Camp Elephant | Erindi

Self catering units on a large, well stocked, private game reserve

C'est Si Bon Hotel

Mid sized hotel in Otjiwarongo offering both lodge & hotel style accommodation. All the usual facilities including a pool, air-conditioned rooms and a restaurant

Erindi Game Reserve | Old Traders Lodge

A large, well stocked, privately owned game reserve. Excellent for sightings of wild dogs and other endangered species

Frans Indongo Lodge

Situated to the north of the Waterberg Plateau (which is unusual as most lodges are toward the south) this highly recommenced lodge offers spacious comfortable rooms and plenty of activities

Mount Etjo Lodge

One of the oldest lodges in Namibia, Mount Etjo has seen several historic events including the signing of an agreement pivotal to Namibia gaining independence. Still offers good quality accommodation and game drives

Okonjima Bush Camp

Without a doubt one of the best lodges in Namibia, add leopard and cheetah viewing to stunning accommodation and well prepared meals and this place is a complete winner

Okonjima Bush Suite

A private two bed room suite, comes complete with own swimming pool, lounge and kitchen. Private chef and meals can be arranged or guests can visit Bush Camp

Okonjima Plains Camp

The 'entry level' camp at Okonjima offers all the same great cats experiences as the other lodges in the portfolio. A one of a type not to be missed Namibian experience

Okonjima Villa

Large private complex, includes all modern luxuries. Enjoyed by international movie stars and corporate moguls - but available to any group wanting to stay!

Otjiwa Safari Lodge

a variety of accommodation options - ranging from large self catering villas to double rooms. Just a few kilometers south of Otjiwarongo

Wabi Lodge

A large game farm which numbers the rare White Rhino amongst its species.

Waterberg Guest Farm

Small 8 room guest farm with an emphasis on conserving the natural eco-systems

Waterberg Rest Camp

The NWR run camp situated on the slopes of the plateau. Fairly standard and slightly overpriced accommodation, the old police station which has been converted to a restaurant is a scenic (if not taste) highlight.

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

Excellent choice for walking and visiting the highlights of the area

Waterberg Wilderness Plateau Lodge

On the same property aw the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge but situated higher up the mountain offering excellent views

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