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black tern

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Black terns (Chlidonias niger) live and breed in the deep sea and coastal regions of Namibia. They are gregarious birds that forage by day and roost at night on beaches, mudflats, saltpans and beaches, usually in the company of other terns in large numbers. Black terns also roost on driftwood. So if you happen to be drifting out to sea off the coast of Swakopmund, you might have a black tern for company whilst clinging for dear life to your cabin door.

Distribution: Sandwich Harbour and other coastal regions of the Namibian section of the Atlantic Coast.

Diet: Forages with Sabine's gulls and common terns feeding on krill. Crustaceans, surf shrimp and glass prawn also favoured.

Description: Niger is the Latin word for black, probably referring to the main colouration of the head, nape and bill.

Breeding: Extralimital.

Size: 24cm. Weight: 60g.

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