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Verreaux's (Black) eagle

Aquila verreauxi

Appearance: Adult: It has lightbrown eyes with a yellow cere and toes as well as the skin around the eyes. It has a white back against which its black wings forms a Characteristic white V when in a sitting position. The female and males are alike but the females are slightly larger. When in flight white feathers are observed at base of primary feathers. The whole leg is covered with feathers up to the base of the feet.

Juvenile - Brown with black cheeks and chest with a lighter crown and mantle.

Habitat: Found throughout Namibia (and most of Africa) in mountainous and rocky areas where its major prey, dassies, are found in abundance.

Habits and Characteristics: Although it mainly eats Dassie (rock hyrax) s it also eats large ground birds eg. Guineafowl, young baboons and small antelopes. It is famous for its graceful flight and is sometimes seen locking claws with its partner while falling earthwards. It builds its nest on the ledge of a cliff usually very high up. It lays 1-2 eggs but usually only one chick survives having killed its sibling. The eggs are laid from March to July, they are white and are sometimes blotched with red and purple and the chick is born after about 46 days and stays in the nest for about 3 months.

Birds of Namibia

  • Verreauxs'(Black) Eagle: Black-eagle
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