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Black-bellied bustard

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Black-bellied bustards (Lissotis melanogaster) inhabit regions of hilly and flat ground with grassy savannah and tall dense grassland. A feature of their behaviour is to lie flat when disturbed to evade detection.

Distribution: Etosha, Waterberg National Park, Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb region, Caprivi Strip.

Diet: Locusts, beetles and grasshoppers are pecked and eaten whilst walking.

Description: Medium-sized bustard with long, thin necks and long legs. Lissotis is the Latin word for a 'smooth bustard'. Melanogaster is the Greek word for 'black belly'.

Breeding: Females lay 1 or 2 eggs directly on the ground amongst tall grass. Incubation takes 23 days.

Size: 65cm. Weight: 2.3kg. Males are larger than females.

Dornhugel Guest Farm

Situated north-east of Grootfontein this serves as an gateway between the Caprivi and central Namibia

Fiume Lodge

Around 80km north of Grootfontein this lodge acts as a gateway to Namibia's north east (the Kavango & Zambezi Region)

Fiume Bush Camp

A satellite camp to Fiume Lodge, the Bush Camp requires a minimum two night stay and is the base for top quality guided excursions to visit a local Bushman / San community

Gabus Game Ranch

Ten kilometers outside of Otavi this lodge offers a relaxing environment and is ideal for walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and birders

Ghaub Nature Reserve & Farm

Initially a Christian mission station this property was converted into a lodge in 1999. The Ghaub caves are an excellent opportunity to get dirty while exploring a fascinating cave system - the lodge provides a guide and necessary equipment

Kambaku Safari Lodge

Horse riding, game and beautiful surroundings are just some of the reasons to stay at this lodge

Khorab Safari Lodge

A convenient stop close to Otavi

Kupferquelle Resort

Large resort offering a restaurant, bar and Olympic sized pool in Tsumeb

Makalani Hotel

Situated near the center of Tsumeb this is a popular hotel.

Minen Hotel

A courtyard atmosphere, traditional garden and German cuisine can be found at this Tsumeb hotel.


Close encounters of the wild side - experience the Namibian veld on foot with Bruno, an enigmatic & knowledgeable guide

Ohange Lodge

10 peaceful chalets provide accommodation at this lodge just north of Otavi

Paradise Rest camp

a campsite in a rural setting 80km north of Grootfontein on the main road towards Rundu & the Zambezi Region

Peace Garden Lodge

Basic accommodation just a few kilometers from the town of Grootfontein

Roy's Camp

An eclectic lodge, allows for visits to a San community as well as offering reasonably priced overnight accommodation

!Uris Safari Lodge

Situated 20km west of Tsumeb

Zum Potjie

Between Otavi and Tsumeb.

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