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Benguala long-billed lark

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Benguala long-billed larks (Certhilauda benguelensis) are usually observed in pairs in arid and semi-arid dwarf shrubland. Stony plains and hills with grassland is another favoured habitat.

Distribution: Confined to north-west Namibia including the Namib Desert and Skeleton Coast, from Henties Bay to the Kunene River mouth.

Diet: Forages on the ground and around the base of plants to dig into soils for beetles and seeds such as the wild sesame.

Description: A large lark with a slender and decurved bill, varying from short to very long. Difficult to separate from the Karoo long-billed lark.

Breeding: A small dry grass cup is built at the base of a plant. Females lay 2 or 3 eggs from April to May.

Size: 19cm. Weight: 50g.

Cape Cross Lodge

Wonderfully situated remote lodge - directly on the beach near the Cape Cross seal colony

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

An upmarket lodge on the Skeleton Coast - only visit-able as part of a fly in safari.

Terrace Bay

Accommodation in the Skeleton Coast, really catering for fisherman but hardened visitors who absolutely have to spend a few nights inside the Skeleton Coast Park may choose to stay here

Torra Bay

A campsite in the Skeleton Coast Park, popular with fisherman during the summer holidays

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