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barn owl

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Barn owls (Tyto alba) will inhabit any region that has both suitable nesting and roosting sites, as well as abundant food. Habitats such as desert to evergreen forest edges can accommodate barn owls, as can light-wooded savannah and grasslands.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia including the Namib Desert, Kalahari Desert, Windhoek, Orange River and Fish River Canyon.

Diet: Hunts as soon as night falls in search over vegetation for victims, dropping feet-first onto ground prey before killing prey with a bite to the neck or squeezing with their feet. Eats hares, young francolin, but mostly rodents, shrews and birds. Desert barn owls also hunt for geckos and scorpions. Eats mammals in the winter and birds and insects in the summer. Bats, lizards and frogs are also on the menu.

Description: Alba is the Latin word for white. Choice of characteristic calls, which are usually a long, loud hissing screech, especially in flight. Hungry chicks emit a loud snoring and wheezing call.

Breeding: Females lay between 2 and 13 eggs year round, peaking between February to May. Incubation periods are around 30 days.

Size: 32cm. Weight: 410g.

Birds of Namibia

Agama River Camp

Lovely rooms with rooftop terraces or a choice of campsites around 45km north of Sesriem

Desert Camp

Competitively priced self catering lodge - very close to the entrance to the Namib Naukluft Park

Desert Homestead

Mid-range accommodation offering some of the best value for money in the area. Horse riding an added activity

Desert Homestead Outpost

A new addition on the same property as the Desert Homestead. Hiking & riding are popular activities here

Desert Quiver Camp

Well equipped rooms with self catering kitchens only 5 kilometers from the entrance gate to Sossusvlei. Kitchen utensils can be rented on site

Elegant Desert Lodge

A budget choice, catering for both larger groups and individual travellers

Dune Star Camp | Hiking

These rustic wooden cabins can only be reached as part of a guided walking trail originating at Namib Desert Lodge. perfect for those wanting to explore the desert on foot

Greenfire Desert Lodge

A small intimate lodge in an amazing part of the Namib Desert. While the lodge can be used as a base from which to visit the dunes at Sossusvlei, the tranquil and beautiful environment make it a destination in it's own right

Hoodia Desert Lodge

Mid range lodge located only 22km from the Sesriem gate to the Namib-Naukluft Park

Kulala Desert Lodge

Up-market lodge with private entrance to the dunes at Sossusvlei

Le Mirage Desert Lodge & Spa

Moroccan inspired architecture seems strangely out of place in Namibia. The location, spa and general amenities are good.

Little Kulala

Luxury lodge with guided tour to the dunes using the lodges own private entrance, excellent choice for those looking for a little extra luxury

Little Sossus Lodge

Reasonable value for money - on the main route to Sossusvlei

Moon Mountain Lodge

A new hotel with raised rooms built on wooden platforms 40km from Sesriem

Namib Desert Lodge

Budget choice, fairly far from the dunes and next to the fossil dune cliffs

Namib Naukluft Lodge

Good solid choice, on a beautiful property some distance from the park entrance

Sesriem Campsite

This campsite offer the closest place to stay to the dunes - camping only

Soft Adventure Camp

A combination of permanent structures and canvas make this an interesting choice for the budget conscious traveller

Sossus Dune Lodge

The only lodge inside the borders of the national park. Allows for extra early visits to the Sossusvlei dunes

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Most luxurious lodge in the area, air-conditioned rooms and top of the range guiding

Sossusvlei Lodge

Large establishment right next to the Sesriem Campsite, best for keeping driving to a minimum

Weltevrede Rest Camp

A friendly owner run lodge offering excellent value for money. Rooms have private veranda's offering views of sunsets over the Namib Desert dunes & spot-lit waterhole.

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