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barlow's lark

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Barlow's lark (Calendulauda barlowi) and the succulent shrub Euphorbia gummifera are closely associated in sparsely vegetated shrubland on grassy dunes and arid plains. Family groups and pairs are the usual gatherings, often in the early morning when they are most active.

Distribution: Confined to the Sperrgebiet region of the Namib Desert in particular south of Luderitz to Sendelingsdrift on the Orange River.

Diet: Searches around the bases of plants and around stones, digging into sand with its large bill for ants, beetles and seeds.

Description: Strongly patterned face, rich rufous-brown upper parts, dark brown tail and flight feathers and white underparts.

Breeding: The roof of a domed grass cup is woven into overhanging bushes. Only 2 white eggs are laid in August to September.

Size: 18cm. Weight: 30g.

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