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antarctic tern

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Antarctic terns (Sterna vittata) have a 'totally marine' habitat, coming ashore only to breed and roost using rocky offshore islands, as well as rocky and sandy beaches for this purpose. Roosts on the wing at sea during stormy weather conditions but will rest on floating debris or seaweed in calmer times.

Distribution: Walvis Bay (rare).

Diet: Forages by day and moonlit nights, plunge-diving over open sea for small fish and crustaceans, especially krill, molluscs and insects.

Description: Vittata is a Latin meaning for 'longitudinally striped' which refers to the white facial streak that divides the black cap from the grey underparts.

Breeding: Extralimital. Breeds from Antarctica Peninsula throughout southern hemisphere islands.

Size: 40cm. Weight: 140g. Wingspan: 80cm.

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