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amethyst sunbird

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Amethyst sunbirds (Chalcomitra amethystina) are also known as black sunbirds. Their range of habitats includes parks and gardens, hillsides that support Aloe species and open woodland or bush. This species often fall prey to the little sparrowhawk.

Distribution: Isolated sightings have been recorded in some central and northern regions of the country including Windhoek, Okahandja, Epupa Falls, Etosha National Park. They are more common in the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip).

Diet: Forages singly at nectar sources to hunt for flying insects and spiders from the sides of trees or bushes. Feeds on a wide variety of nectar including Cape honeysuckle, bushwillow wild mango, Zambezi teak and beechwood.

Description: A large, square-tailed sunbird with a long, heavy, decurved bill. Mostly overall jet black plumage with some bright metallic green and reddish purple facial and rump markings. Chalcomitra refers to their 'copper or bronze head-band or cap'.

Breeding: Females only build a lichen and grass nest lined with plant down and feathers. Usually 2 eggs are laid from October to March and incubated for up to 18 days by the female.

Size: 14cm. Weight: 15g.

Elegant Farmstead

On an old mission station south of Okahandja, the farm Otjisazu is full of historical interest

Gross Barmen Hot Springs

Situated some distance west of Okahandja the natural hot spring has been tapped and is used to full both an indoor and outdoor pool

Okahandja Country Hotel

A tranquil garden & African decor give this country hotel laid back, relaxed feeling. Situated on the outskirts of the town of Okahandja

Omatozu Game Farm

A game farm which offers a 'boutique camping experience' with accommodation in air-conditioned permanently erected tents

Oropoko Lodge

Situated on farmland west of Okahandja, Oropoko has a well stocked game park

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