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abdim's stork

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Abdim's stork (Ciconia abdimii) was named after the Egyptian governor of the Wadi Halfa area of Sudan, El Arnaut Abdim Bey (1780-1827). They inhabit savannah woodland, pan edges, pastures and grassland. A gregarious species, flocks of hundreds are common, gathering beside water to sunbathe and spread their wings.

Distribution Mainly central and northern Namibian ranges including Etosha National Park, Kunene River Mouth, Caprivi, Kaudom Game Park. Peak numbers in the country are in January and February.

Diet: Walks slowly to pick termites off the ground. Also eats scorpions, frogs, lizards, mice, water rats, millipedes, young birds, small fish, molluscs and crabs.

Description Black and white coloured medium-sized stork with long, straight bill.

Breeding: Extralimital.

Size: 80cm. Weight: 1.5kg.

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