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Pale Free-Tailed Bat

Bats | Namibia

Introduction: The pale free-tailed bat (Chaerephon chapini) like all other free-tailed bats, has wrinkled upper lips and a complex ear structure and long, narrow wings. A distinguishing feature of the pale free-tailed bat is the pale colouration of the fur, (hence the name). It also owns an unusually long tuft of reddish and white erectile hair against the neck, where a fold of skin behind, joins the ears on the top of the head.

Distribution: Dry woodland areas of northern Namibia, living in small colonies not far from Ruacana Falls and Mahango National Park.

Diet: Insects.

Colouring: The fur on the back is a pale cinnamon-brown with off-white individual hairs at the base. The underparts of the body are greyish-brown with a whitish brown from the throat to the sternum. The wings are mainly white.

Size: Average body length of 150mm.

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