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Dent's Horseshoe Bat

Bats | Namibia

Introduction: Dent's horseshoe bat is one of the smallest bats in southern Africa. As it occurs in hot, dry regions they are dependant on deep caves that offer, cool, humid but stable interior living conditions. Colonies vary from a few to several hundred. They roost on cave ceilings and cling to the walls of caves or from stalactites.

Along with Schreibers's long-fingered bat and the Egyptian slit-faced bat, Dent's horseshoe bat can also be found in Arnhem Cave and Restcamp.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia less for the Namib Desert.

Diet: Small soft-bodied insects.

Colouring: Pale grey to pale brown to pale cream soft and long hair.

Size: Average body length of 70mm.

Weight: 6g.

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