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Pomona & Bogenfels Tour

the forbidden diamond area south of Luderitz

Travellers will be collected from their Luderitz accommodation at around 9am. The tour enters the Sperrgebiet (the prohibited diamond mining area) via the Rotkop Security Gate, anyone wishing to enter this area has to have previously obtained police clearance so it is essential that this tour is pre-booked so we can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation.

As the name of this day tour suggests one of the main points of interest visited are the abandoned diamond mining town of Pomona, which is in many respects similar to the more famous Kolmanskop but with the added attraction of being well off the tourist route. In its heyday Pomona was home to around 1000 people and facilities included a school, church, hotel and bowling alley. Of course only the German population of around 350 people had access to these facilities while the indigenous Namibian population where contract workers and housed in huge dormitories (sleeping up to 50 people).

Railway enthusiasts will be interested to know that Pomona's water supply was bought in via a narrow gauge railway - the remains of which can still be seen today. Interestingly the method of mining used in this area was one of sifting through the Namib Desert sand with huge sieves - in the first years of mining operations over 2 million carats of diamonds where literally picked up of the ground - making this the richest diamond town in the world.

The other major attraction of this tour is the rock arch at Bogenfels. Unsurprisingly given the abundance of diamonds that where once found in the area this was once also a diamond mining town - and the remains of a desalination plant still remain. Today however the main reason for visiting is the 55 meter high rock arch which towers magnificently over the surrounding landscape. With one foot of the arch in the cold atlantic ocean and the other firmly planted in the sand of the Namib.

While on this trip you will be introduced to dune driving & the fascinating flora of the desert.Some of the landscape has been deeply scarred by a century of diamond mining, but due to the area having being off limits to the general public during this time much of it is in pristine condition.

The tour includes a light lunch and you should be back in Luderitz at around 6.30pm.

The Pomona & Bogonfels day trip is a must for anyone visiting Luderitz who is even remotely interested in the history of Namibia. It is a truly wonderful experience and highly recommended.

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