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Namib Desert Night Walks

Swakopmund | Namibia

Namib Desert night walks are an excellent opportunity to see some rather shy and inconspicuous creatures that remain hidden during the day when the sun is bright and hot. As they are often too small, quick and elusive to photograph from a vehicle during the day, an evening hike on the Namib's gravel plains will offer a glimpse into the nocturnal theatre of the wild. You will be driven to the border of the Rossmund Lodge golf course, just outside Swakopmund, and the walk into the Namib Desert begins.

Trained guides with an intimate knowledge of the Namib Desert's sensitive eco-system will accompany you on your desert night walk, but do bear in mind that sightings on night activities are a matter of luck and there are no guarantees of what you'll see on any particular night. With luck you will encounter a variety of gecko's, spiders, gerbils and scorpions and of course other creatures (big & small) may be encountered en-route.

In addition to the standard night walk package two other options are available, the Night Walk & Dinner Combo & Rocky Desert Combo Tour

Night Walk & Dinner Combo

Dinner is arranged at Rossmund Lodge before the night walk.

Rocky Desert Combo Tour

The Rocky Desert Combo Tour offers a desert drive followed by a night walk. First off is a trip to the Moon Landscape which covers a visit to the unique Welwitschia mirabilis, as well as searching for other interesting and unusual treasures of the desert. The day time activities finish with sundowners on a nearby hill. At sunset guests can enjoy a desert braai before heading off under the stars for the night walk.

  • Namib Desert Night Walks: The Namib Desert At Night
  • Namib Desert Night Walks: Restaurant at Rossmund Lodge
  • Namib Desert Night Walks: Welwitchia
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All walks depart from and return to Rossmund Lodge. Minimum 4 persons.
Personal equipment: Take warm clothing, walking shoes and a headlamp/torch.
Weather: Tour schedules can be affected by intensive dust storms, strong winds and cold fog.

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