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olive Trail

Hiking trails in the Naukluft Mountains, Namibia

This beautiful hiking trail starts near the Kudusrus Campsite in the Naukluft Mountains and follows an 10km loop, much of which is populated by wild olive trees. (Hence the name) At the beginning of the trail there are some olive trees, and this minor landmark heralds the start of a climb up a slope, to the top of the mountain.

The descent down to a river bed follows a beautiful gorge, where you will see some quiver trees. A 'slight difficulty' but nonetheless highlight of the trail, is at the end of the gorge where you have to use a 'chain' bridge to cross rock ledges. Baboons and kudus have been seen on the route. Hikers will need to carry enough water and food for the day, and remember to wear appropriate clothing for the time of year.

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Hiking in Namibia

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