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Shore Fishing - Namibia

Includes: Fishing

The safari departs for Swakopmund between 0745 - 0815, with angling taking place at selected fishing sites along the coast. You are transported in a 4x4 vehicle allowing access to some of the more remote spots and the distance traveled can be anything fro 8 - 120km's (your guide has a good idea where the fish will be biting depending on the time of year, weather conditions and the pain in his left knee!)

Your fishing guides assist with bait presentation, casting and coaching; therefore even the complete novice can experience the thrill of fishing! All equipment and permits for a day's fishing is provided and you will be supplied with a lunch-pack and refreshments. Transfer from your accommodation in Swakopmund is included

This adventure is an ideal sport for every fisherman, as the coastline of Namibia provides excellent fishing opportunities. From the beach, the following species are frequently caught:

Cob, west coast steenbras, and various shark species can be caught; one of them being the famous coppershark which can weigh up to180 kgs.

Any fish caught can be kept or released, while sharks are always released. After a day of fishing the trip returns to Swakopmund. A beach braai (barbecue) can be arranged if you would like to sample the delights of your days work.

  • Shore Fishing: Baiting Up
  • Shore Fishing: Beach Angling
  • Shore Fishing: Small Fry
  • Shore Fishing: Rods
  • Shore Fishing: Shark Safely Landed
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Soft drinks
Lunch packs
Fishing equipment & Bait
Guarantees that the fish will be biting
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