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Boat Fishing - Namibia

Includes: Angling

The boat fishing day trip departs from the Mole (the central beach - near the Museum) in Swakopmund at 7.30am, you are responsible for ensuring you are there in time for departure. Fishing takes place from around 100 meters to 1km off shore and depending on where the best fishing is located you will be anything within a 20km radius of Swakopmund.

The most commonly caught fish to are kabeljou, black tail, steenbras, catfish and a variety of shark species. Bottom fish are caught with bait such as sardine & mussels in depths of water up to 2 meters, these tend to be caught within 15 meters of reefs. Any fish caught on the boat fishing trip are yours to keep (or can be released should you want to practice ethical fishing techniques) while sharks are always released.

Fish/sharks species likely to be caught vary according to the time of year - a rough guide is as follows:

  • October – April include: Bronze whaler shark, houndshark, sandshark, bull ray, blue ray, snoek.
  • May – August: Cow shark.
  • January – April: Steenbras
  • All year: Spotted gulley shark, kabeljou, steenbras, galjoen, barbel and black tail.

After a full day of fishing lines are drawn up at around 3pm and you head back to Swakopmund. (Times & routing are weather dependant)

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