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Guided Game Drives in Etosha

Etosha Park - Namibia

Every morning, afternoon & evening the Etosha Day Tours sets off from each of the main camps in Etosha National Park:

  1. Okaukuejo Camp
  2. Halali Camp
  3. Namutoni Camp

General information:

Guide: Your driver / guide has extensive knowledge and experience of the area and it's inhabitants, including animal behaviour.
Vehicle: Open safari vehicle
Passengers: Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people per departure
Children: No children under 5 years of age are allowed on the Etosha Game Drives
Route: There is no set route for any of the game drives, and the guide will follow a route designed to best find wildlife depending on the time of year, water distribution and recent wildlife sightings.

Morning game drive:

Departure time: The gate opens at sunrise and the safari begins.
Duration of game drive: 3hrs
Meals: Breakfast packs and drinks.

Afternoon game drive:

Departure time: 14h00-14h30
Duration of game drive: 3hrs
Meals: Drinks only.

Night game drive:

Departure time: 19h00
Duration of game drive: 3hrs
Meals: Drinks only.

Places of interest that may be visited on the Okaukuejo Tour:

  • Ombika – the name is said to refer to the handpicks used to remove rocks from this natural spring to make its water more accessible for early travellers.
  • Okondeka – a different spelling (Onkondeka) means to encircle or ambush, which relates to the lion pride which frequents the waterhole, lying patiently in wait for prey. The geography of the spring is ideal ambush country; grassy dune hammocks, provide the perfect hiding places for lions and it's enclosed on 3 sides. This perennial fountain has not dried up in living memory.

Places of interest that may be visited on the Halali Tour:

  • Goas – the word has various interpretations, the most likely being 'where you stumble over rocks towards the fountain.' Large numbers of game are attracted to the spring, which comprises of two distinct pools that link during good rains.

Places of interest that may be visited on the Namutoni Tour:

  • Klein Namutoni – Meaning 'small Namutoni' and like many other fountains in Etosha, it can shrink to a small pool or even dry up completely during prolonged dry periods.
  • Chudup - The name means 'black mud' but also 'many stones in the water.' Chudup is a perennial spring, sunken in a calcrete basin with a thick overlay of black mud supporting dense reeds. When the water levels drop, it may trap animals, which then drown or suffocate.
  • Fischer's Pan – Named after a German calvary commander of Namutoni.
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  • Etosha Game Drives: The after work crowd wet their whistle at the local watering hole
  • Etosha Game Drives: Giraffe
  • Etosha Game Drives: Weaver
  • Etosha Game Drives: A typical Etosha waterhole
  • Etosha Game Drives: Jackel
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Etosha Game Drives

Morning, afternoon & evening game drives are available from Okaukuejo, Halali & Namutoni

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