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Historian Quad Bike Edu-Desert Tour

Walvis Bay - Namibia

This is a quad bike tour for those seeking more than just a quick thrill. Participants on this activity get to enjoy and learn about the fascinating desert environment around the Kuiseb Delta near Walvis Bay. The tour departs from Walvis Bay, generally early in the morning to avoid the thermal winds that pick up in the afternoon, and lasts about 4 hours. By using quad bikes you are able to traverse terrain that is otherwise difficult to access but great care is taken to make this as eco-friendly as possible. This arid landscape with its undulating sand dunes and ephemeral river is older than the Namib Desert and holds an array of interesting sights and facts, a very special journey of geological, archaeological, botanical and zoological aspects of this region.

With the experienced guidance of Fanie du Preez, you'll initially be given a pre-tour quad bike training session on lightweight, fully automatic bikes that make them suitable for riders with no previous experience and of most ages. It is then time to explore and discover the desert's hidden secrets.

Part of the tour looks at the formation of the delta, the historical changes that have taken place over thousands of years, the creation of Sandwich Harbour and Walvis Bay, as well as how dunes are formed and their different shapes and colours.

This harsh environment supports a variety of species of fauna and flora that have adapted to the arid climate. Present day animals that may be seen on the trip include brown hyena, jackal, elephant shrew, oryx, springbok, snakes such as the Sidewinder, chameleons and geckos and various beetles. Endemic birds include the Dune Lark and Damara Tern. However, the land holds evidence of much more diverse wildlife from a time when the terrain was not so extreme, including petrified footprints of elephant, rhino, buffalo, large antelope species and giraffe.

One of the final highlights of this trip is meeting with the Topnaar (one of the oldest Namibian inhabitants), a small community of people that are descendants from the Khoi-Khoin and that still live their traditional lives in the dunes, nearly entirely supported by the harvesting of the !Nara fruit.

This is definitely a highlight for any visitors to the Namibian coast and is highly recommended.

  • Edu-Quadbiking: Dune Lark
  • Edu-Quadbiking: Jackals On A Dune
  • Edu-Quadbiking: Meet The Topnaar
  • Edu-Quadbiking: Palmata Gecko
  • Edu-Quadbiking: Quadbikes
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Transport on an automatic quad bike
Soft drinks
Tours depart from Walvis Bay at 08h00. Duration: Either 3.5hrs or 4hr tours can be organized.
Pre-tour quad bike training is given before the tour.
Drink/photo breaks will be taken along the route.
Afternoon tours can be arranged, thermal winds / weather permitting.
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