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Isabis Trail

4x4 Adventure in Namibia

The Isabis 4x4 trail is situated in the 40,000ha catchment area of the Gaub River, a sidearm of the Kuiseb. This trail stretches along the adjoining farms of Isabis and Hornkranz and the special appeal for the visitor is the uninterrupted views and spectacular mountains and gorges. The trail has an undeniable appeal and character all of its own, and is the most scenic of Namibia's 4 wheel drive routes; so it is not surprising to learn that the word 'Isabis' means 'beautiful to the eye,' in the local Nama language.

It is located approximately 130km by road south-west of Windhoek in the Gamsberg region. Camping is at a beautifully selected spot in a river bed, between rugged mountains. The trail itself is not extremely taxing and should be suitable for beginners. The more experienced drivers can attempt the (optional) black routes. The 4x4 trail is comfortably completed in a day, but a minimum of two nights at the campsite is recommended.

The approach to the farm is across very flat terrain, but this is deceptive as the trail traverses the plateau, and is often very steep. The Gamsberg mountain is visible from most parts of the trail and is probably worth a visit before leaving the area..

A flush toilet and a shower (with a view) are on site. A short, but very bumpy drive, brings you to the swem-gat (swimming hole) which is a rather large rock pool in a river bed. Remember to bring your own food, tent and equipment, but water and firewood are provided at no extra charge. Visitors are asked to:

  • Take nothing but photos
  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • Do not collect any firewood, as it will be provided
  • And don't forget – Animals have the right of way!

As only one group is allowed on the trail at anytime you will not meet anyone else, which adds to the charm of the place. You will require your own or a rental 4x4 vehicle in Namibia to experience this trail.

Directions from Windhoek:

Travel south-west leaving Windhoek along Mandume Ndemufayo Road towards the Kupferberg Pass (C26). After 38kms turn left towards Walvis Bay via Gamsberg Pass (still on the C26) and continue for 74kms until turning south at the D1265 towards Nauchas, Rehoboth and Solitaire. Drive a further 15km to the farm turn-off (signposted on the right Isabis 4x4 trail).

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