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Allison went out of her way to cater for our specific requirements when we were planning the trip. The advice given allowed us to put together a really good itinerary. All car and accommodation bookings were done efficiently. Allison also went out of her way to book restaurants for us, recommend a bottle store, etc

Allison did a brilliant job, all questions and queries were answered promptly and in full. I could not have asked for more!

Yes, very efficiently. My continuing return to Namibia has a lot to do with knowing I can just give a rough outline to Allison and she'll make it happen; that really helps!


Our booking was handled extremely efficiently and I could not suggest one thing that could of been improved on. Anita always responded promptly and provided lots of good information, assistance and support in a highly professional but personable manner. We were extremely happy and grateful for her support in planning our trip to Namibia. Receiving the pack at our first accommodation with sim card was a very nice welcome too!

it was handled with courtesy and humour as well as a curiosity about us and what we wanted to do

Very efficiently - Anita replied very quickly keeping me updated on my various accommodation requests. Everything we booked went very smoothly while we were in Namibia.

Shepherd, Colin - 11th October 2019
Visited: N2G - Nissan NP 300 4x4, Okaukuejo Resort, Halali, Namutoni


Everything was handles perfectly.

ODonnell, Helen - 8th October 2018
Visited: Living Dunes Experience - Half Day Tour

Anja was amazing. She answered every question promptly and professionally. Anja also provided excellent suggestions. Thanks to her I feel that our trip to Namibia was perfect.


It was handled professionally and exceptionally well - thanks for a fantastic and unforgettable trip, Anke!!

My booking was handled very efficiently. Anke was amazing at communicating everything, answering my questions, and providing advice or alternative options where I needed them!

Booking was handled very efficiently, only problem was the airport transfer company forgot to collect us at the airport on arrival, we waited for 1.5 hrs


Benson was brilliant throughout, we had a lot of questions and interactions, and they were all handled perfectly.

Everything was handled perfectly and efficiently

Harrison, William - 24th January 2019
Visited: Halali

Benson was truly exceptional!!!


The booking was handled very efficiently.

Chantelle was brilliant. She was efficient, helpful and could not have done a better job.

Yes very efficient thank you - Chantelle is great - really helpful and super swift


From the moment I first contacted Erika with a proposed self-drive itinerary she was exceedingly helpful in every way, especially when providing alternative solutions to our accommodation and vehicle requirements. The service Erika provided was both prompt and efficient and really relevant to our planned trip and also to our particular budget. Even during the trip when we decided to make a change to our accommodation for one night the service response, from Lily, was prompt and proved to be beneficial to our travel plans. We were particularly impressed to find that after every three or four days of camping we were booked into either a hotel, lodge or self-catering accommodation which enabled us to have a periodic 'dust down'. This was part of Erika's excellent planning.

Excellent as is! Very satisfied!

Erika was very helpful and very friendly. She answered all questions very quickly and efficiently. When we had any problems, she helped and solved them.


Yes the booking was handled efficiently.

The booking was handled very efficiently. This was considering that we had only started booking our holidays around 5 weeks prior to the departure. Lilly was very helpful in providing useful information.


All aspects of our booking were handled very efficiently and Norelle did a great job in this regard. She was extremely helpful in planning our trip.

We were very satisfied with Norelle and the way how our booking was handled

Almost everything was perfect. There was one small problem, a campsite rather than a tent was booked at one location. I should have picked this up on the itinerary but I missed it.


My booking has been handled very efficiently. We appreciate Sonja professionalism, she was an excellent travel planner especially to adapt the trip according to our essential points (overnight stay at Erindi, travel through Etosha NP and to visit it from the east to the west and overnight stay at NamibRand Family Hideout). Furthermore we really liked all the accomodations that she suggested to us (in particular Etosha Safari Camp and Palmwag Lodge).


Moller, Imelda - 14th September 2019
Visited: Mola Mola - Dolphin Cruise

She was reactive and nice !

, - 6th May 2019
Visited: Okaukuejo Resort


Booking was handled very efficiently and in a good timely manner. I don't think there is anything that Tammy can improve on that.

Bettschen, Joelle - 11th September 2019
Visited: Okaukuejo Resort, Dead Valley Lodge, Naankuse Lodge

Yes, our booking was handled very expertly and efficient. I was very satisfied.

Tammy has been really helpful. She made me change my mind about my itinerary because she thought that it wasn’t realist with the distance between two stops. It was a good advise because it was true!! Plus, I really wanted to sleep in Okaukuejo but there was no place Left, so she checked again one month after and she could get me my place!!

Bergeron, Kristina - 18th June 2019
Visited: PebbleStoneHouse B&B, Okaukuejo Resort










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