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Allison was extremely helpful

Allison was outstanding and her knowledge of the country, the distances, the lodging options, etc is extensive. Five stars. Very quick response time as well.


She was incredibly helpful!

Crouse, Sharon - 3rd September 2018
Visited: Etosha Safari Lodge, Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Windhoek Country Club

Yes, very efficiently. Anita was very good. Sometimes it could have helped to provide option with availability verified beforehand, but i know sometimes it is very diffult.


Anja was very efficient in helping us with our bookings and she answered all our questions

My booking was handled very efficiently by Anja! All was clear and timely and perfectly courteous, I can't think of anything she could have done better.

The booking process was handled efficiently. Anja was always available to answer the several questions I asked and to satisfy any additional request we had


Yes, she handled the booking very efficiently and loked for possibilities and opportunities, as it was hard to find accomodation, as we looked late for accomodation.

, - 27th July 2018
Visited: Corona Guest Farm

Anke handled the booking great and answered all my questions patiently!

Eckhart, Eva - 21st July 2018
Visited: Fish River Lodge - Canyon Hike, Fish River Lodge

Anke improved our experience very much. She gave us all information we needed and she helped us with the transaction although it took quite long. She did a very well job.

Fediuk, Annika - 4th July 2018
Visited: Fish River Lodge - Canyon Hike, Fish River Lodge




TRUSKLASKI, Caroline - 31st August 2018
Visited: Spitzkoppe Campsite, Kalahari Anib Lodge - Camping

She was great and very informative


Erika was incredibly efficient, quick and friendly in her answers. She was patient in handling my requests and able to compromise.

She was great! Got us into great hotels- could not have done it alone.


Yes, we have to thank Lilly as everything was perfect

Yes, the booking was handled very effinciently. Lilly helped us in identifiying the best itinerary and was always prompt in providing suggstions for lodging and to find alternatives when properly. She was also great in supporing us when we had a small itinerary change due to flight delay.

Everything was just great. Perfect and fast answers to all my questions. Shea madre everything very Easy.



My booking has been handled very efficiently. We appreciate Sonja professionalism, she was an excellent travel planner especially to adapt the trip according to our essential points (overnight stay at Erindi, travel through Etosha NP and to visit it from the east to the west and overnight stay at NamibRand Family Hideout). Furthermore we really liked all the accomodations that she suggested to us (in particular Etosha Safari Camp and Palmwag Lodge).

Sonja handled our booking extremely well and was very competent

Sonja did a great job, she organised a bigger tent (1.40m) on our roof, just because she thought we as Dutch people would be bigger. We really wanted to look if we could travel within budget,she also did good recomondations there for.


she was perfect! Replying promptly and giving the right advices.

Mamini, Marina - 2nd September 2018
Visited: Little Sossus Lodge , Etosha Village, Namutoni

Tammy made a really efficient job and helped us a lot in making this trip wonderful. She was quick in giving us a reply and her propositions always fitted with our former expectations.

Support from Tammy was amazing. Her answers have been always quick. She was able to find camping's for us in a very short time.




Yes, Rachael was very efficient.

Rachael was very speedy and efficient. I cannot see how she could have improved in any way.







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