It was a bucket list item and everything and more we anticipated.

Mckenzie, Celeste - 28th Apr, 2018

We has an amazing experience: beautiful landscape and great breakfast

Paren,gwen - 27th Aug, 2017

Excellent. Very professional service and great end to the trip

Hill, Michelle - 30th Jul, 2017

Fantastic experience and very friendly staff.

Vestergaard, Lars - 20th Jul, 2017

OMG so wonderful. I would encourage anyone to do this instead of the dune hike in the morning.

Sparks, Paul - 20th Jul, 2017

Was called off due to bad weather - received a Refund quickly and without fuss.

Paton, Jamie - 18th May, 2017

Surreal and splendid. It's very expensive, but our one splash out overall. The breakfast was lush... white table cloths etc... One side note, it really was a 'white experience', the only time that I did feel a little uncomfortable due to a racial divide. I can't see any way around it and I am sensitive to this kind of thing. But, just so memorable.

Welcome, Louise - 23rd Apr, 2017

Great experience, recommendable

Van Reenen, Herna - 17th Apr, 2017

This was a great expereince even though the winds were light and we did not go that far. Captain Ray gave us a wonderful trip. One of the highlights of our tour. Logisitics worked well Max: Stunning to see the sunrise on the mountains and dunes from the balloon.

Spark, Steve - 09th Mar, 2017

Everything was great. Pick up on time. Great balloon pilot(or whatever they're called). Delicious breakfast in a beautiful setting.

Kehl, Jacqueline - 16th Dec, 2016

Although extremely pricey, well worth doing. On my reserved date it was too windy to fly - and the next day was sold out but they could offer me their departure the day after. If this is to be the highlight of your trip be sure to stay enough days to allow for weather cancellations. The flight was exceptional, the breakfast buffet gourmet, the staff friendly. Worth the cost and one of my best memories of the trip

Nederlof, Nancy - 20th Nov, 2016

No words can describe this! Brilliant. It was so good to see they are supporting the community, we were fortunate to be able to visits the little bugs school and buy some crafts made by the ladies we saw there.

Gambrill, Mary - 17th Oct, 2016

Amazing experience. The company was very efficient, confirming the booking the day before, picking up/droppingoff, the quality of the breakfast exceeded my expectations. The flight itself was smooth and the pilot seemed friednly and experienced.

Cerqueira, Clara - 22nd Sep, 2016

Loved it!

Adcock, Kelley & Ryan - 03rd Sep, 2016

Amazing experience and the views of the Namib desert out of this world. The champagne breakfast was a surreal experience.

Slade, Judith - 16th Aug, 2016

Unfortunately we couldn't take off due to the weather conditions. Refunding was already done when we returned home. Excellent service!

De Bruyn, Piet - 15th Aug, 2016

The trip was nice and the planning went excellent

Donner, Segerien - 01st Aug, 2016

AWESOME!!!!! recommend this!!

Martheze,esther - 29th Jul, 2016

In my mind I pictured that we would be landing in the sand dunes, which in hindsight is crazy, because how would you get the balloon back. We took off a good ways away from the dunes and landed very near the dune field. We got a very unique view of the wildlife, floating above them, and got spectacular views of the dunes. Don't do this as a replacement for heading into sossusvlei however. Make sure to set aside a morning to drive to sossusvlei.

Bishop, Lee - 28th Jul, 2016

This was a fantastic experience for the whole family. We highly enjoyed it and the brunch to follow was well done and lovely. I would also make sure to let those doing this that they have access to the park (I knew this) and to make sure they get a stamp on their ticket to enter and climb Big Daddy and Dune 45. Good times.

Dickey, Zane - 26th Jul, 2016

Wonderful experience...perhaps inform people that the balloon does not in fact travel over the dunes or sossusvlei or deadvlei for that matter?

Visagie, Corrie - 21st Jun, 2016

The whole trip was excellent from the on-time collection to the great breakfast. The balloon ride was amazing and the company felt very professional and safe.

Shaw, Andrew - 09th Jun, 2016

Favorite thing we did!

Canty, Molly - 18th Apr, 2016

Stunning and very well organized activity. Another major highlight of the trip for all of us.

Beasley, Christine - 12th Apr, 2016

This experience was fantastic! Dennis was our pilot and beyond doing and expert job of it, he was remarkably facile in at least the three languages of the passengers on board. The breakfast we were served surpassed my experience with such events in other countries. 

Dezember, Robin - 09th Apr, 2016

A Highlight. Very efficiently run and keen to ensure that everyone enjoyed the experience

Segel, Felicity - 04th Apr, 2016

Absolutely incredible! Will remember forever! Great pilot! Great team!

Barrick, Wally - 21st Jan, 2016

Just loved it - everything we had hoped for. Very efficient service to get airborne and then the pilot brought it all to life. The views were outstanding - saw game from the air which was a surprise. After a 1 hour flight we landed and had a brilliant breakfast in the desert. This lived up to all my hopes for a big treat as it is expensive.

Eastell, Rupert - 10th Jan, 2016

Glad I booked it and glad the weather allowed to take the tour.

Solovey, Anna - 31st Oct, 2015

Fantastic experience! Incredible views, amusing pilots and huge Champagne breakfast.

King, Sarah - 21st Sep, 2015

Excellent, met all expectations

Middleton, John - 04th Sep, 2015

unforgettable experience

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

We enjoyed this activity very much!

Calderon, Solara - 22nd Aug, 2015

We liked this activity. It has been fantastic fly above the desert. We thought to fly above the dunes and we thought to fly for 2-3 hours. Instead we flied only 1 and half hour and we observed the dunes from too far. The breakfast has been luxurious, very very nice.

Benocci, Massimo - 21st Aug, 2015

A highlight of the trip! Spectacularly beautiful and so excited to be floating high above the dunes. And the champagne brunch was exquisite.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

One of the best experiences of my life! I highly recommend doing this (if you can afford it!) as it is a once in a lifetime experience. The pilot (Dutch fella, can't remember his name!) was very good, extremely knowledgeable about the area and good fun, while being at all times very professional.

Mcgovern, Barry - 12th Jul, 2015

Great experience, albeit a little bit pricey. The captain was very experienced and ensured that we had a very enjoyable trip. Breakfast in the riverbed was excellent.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

Spectacular. What can one say, out of this world, mindblowing.

Siefken, Dirk - 12th Jan, 2015

Excellent trip. A highlight of our holiday.

West, Tricia - 05th Dec, 2014

Eric, the manager, is a man that worths knowing. The experience is awesome. The breakfast in the middle of the desert is unrivaled, no hotel is able to bring such a good one from their kitchen to the restaurant.

Molowny, Daniel - 28th Nov, 2014

Excellent experience and highly recommended.

Rance, Louisa - 01st Nov, 2014

Amazing! Expensive but well worth the money. The breakfast afterwards was great too.

Dean, Joe - 29th Sep, 2014

Oustanding exeprience. First class all round.

Waite, Nicholas - 04th Sep, 2014

I worried that this might be a rather commercialised experience after seeing the `crowds` (by Namibian standards!) at Sossussvlei, but it was a fantastic experience. Well-run (balloons were half inflated when we arrived), fantastic experience and the breakfast afterwards was really nice.

Houlding,alastair - 21st Aug, 2014

great experience

Stockmann, Esther - 15th Aug, 2014

Excellent,le vol comme le personnel.

Lourdas, Panayotis - 26th Jun, 2014


Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

Great morning in the balloon over a stunning landscape-good crew and breakfast,again excellent!

Cowley, Martin - 06th May, 2014

Excellent experience. Will recommend it to anyone.

Houston, John - 05th May, 2014

brilliant, owner is a showman

Canto, Francisco - 03rd May, 2014

Ballooning unfortunately was cancelled due to the weather, but the lodge staff and Cardboard Box helped us get a refund and suggested an alternative activity: the helicopter trip over the dunes

Page, Alex - 30th Mar, 2014

Just magical! This was our favourite one!

Raza, Lily - 29th Jan, 2014

Too expensive, only one hour and we felt we went round in a circle. Didn`t like the atmosphere.

Wilson, Colin - 17th Nov, 2013

This is great! It was not mentioned though that breakfast with champagne is included on your info. This was a bonus.

Boesen, Jan - 23rd Sep, 2013

Very professional outfit. Again a MUST to do and one of the highlights of our trip. LOVED the breakfast in the desert which was of the highest standards.

Chalmers, Sabine - 23rd Aug, 2013

This was an experience of a lifetime!!! It was SO special that it is hard to express it`s impact and the wonder of seeing the sunrise over the desert. Paul was a wonderful `Out of Africa` character who did much to enhance the whole experience, including being a marvellous host at the great breakfast provided. The drive back with Sam proved an extra bonus as he was informative and happy to stop anywhere we asked to enable us to take more photos. So glad we did this flight.

Waddington, Doreen - 18th May, 2013

Fantastic experience ! Very good organisation and atmosphere. To recommend !

De Bruycker, Siska - 28th Apr, 2013


Skead, Kathy - 12th Apr, 2013

Unfortunately we were cancelled twice because of wind so we missed out on one of the things on our `bucket list`. Talked to the Belgian owners who were very friendly and informative.

Frey, Michael - 01st Apr, 2013


Hutchinson, David - 07th Jan, 2013

Very profesional team, excellent pilot, excellent breakfast as surprise, high service quality, highly recommendable

Schmitz, Marc - 02nd Jan, 2013

We still don`t know what we enjoyed the most: if the ballooning itself, or the wonderful breakfast in the middle of the desert close to Dune 1, and the nice and friendly athmosfere with the other `passangers` created by `Air Cowboy` Dennis. Again, too good to comment!

Ochoa, Silvia - 23rd Sep, 2012

This was the highlight of our trip! Was very good and our pilot John was excelent with passion for his job

Horn, Leoni - 11th Sep, 2012

If you have never tried, do it at least once in your life.

Amat, Enrique - 03rd Sep, 2012

Fantastic. Our pilot Dennis was entertaining and a wealth of knowledge. The breakfast was fabulous.

Tidy, Kevin & Heather - 31st Aug, 2012

Unfortunately cancelled due to very high winds.

Murray, Drew - 09th Aug, 2012


Sutherland, Jayne - 14th Jul, 2012

The most wonderful experience - the balloon flight and the desert breakfast. Completely professional run set up. I can only highly recommend it to everybody

Grobler, Andre - 14th May, 2012

great !

Raspillere, Christine - 12th Jan, 2012

great experience, fantastic persons and very nice breakfast ;)

Perret, Florence - 04th Jan, 2012

It`s an very early flight, but totally worth it. Beautiful! Wouldn`t have missed in my life, and I probably will do it again not long from now. The pilot (Erik), great guy. The flight is really, really, really something that`s a must!

Greijmans, Erwin - 19th Dec, 2011


Oliveira, Diego - 21st Nov, 2011

ballooning was a fantastic experience, but pricy!

Coertzen, Wouter - 28th Sep, 2011


Ferguson, Rachel - 10th Sep, 2011

Very good experience. Wonderful desert breakfast

Acosta, Carlos - 25th Aug, 2011

a GREAT experience

Mehl, Muriel - 06th Aug, 2011


Meeder, Rowena - 31st Jul, 2011

This was an expensive addition, and was a bit of a disappointment due to weather conditions beyond the control of the operators. After 3 days of high winds (2 of which caused the flights to be cancelled) they day we booked was so still that the balloons could not travel. Regardless, enjoyable.

Rowden, Virginia - 11th Jun, 2011

what a great view

Bazzigher, Thomas - 28th Apr, 2011

This was a very special occasion - we really enjoyed it. The 360 degree view is unforgettable! The breakfast in the middle of the Namib made us feel "rich", haha.....we really enjoyed it!

Jansen Van Rensburg, Christelle - 12th Apr, 2011

Expensive but great experience

Mundell, Wyn - 04th Oct, 2010

Expensive, but worth it!

Mena, Celia - 04th Oct, 2010

Very efficient and well run. The highlight of our trip. Thanks you

Groustra, Cheryl - 09th Jun, 2010

The best experience of our lives!

Lalwani, Sanjay - 08th Jun, 2010

Great experience - the organisation was O.K. Thanks!

Strbek, Jan - 04th Jun, 2010

High winds prevented us from doing this, unfortunately.

Loughran, Joe - 04th Jun, 2010

A great thrill and experience.

Mccarr, George - 24th Mar, 2010

one of the best experience in my life! Fantastic - we recommend everybody to try this adventure

Huber, Nicola - 17th Mar, 2010

What an amazing experience, something that I will never forget. The champagne breakfast in the desert afterwards was awesome.

Carpenter, Gina - 03rd Feb, 2010


Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009

Great experience. Breathtaking landscapes and really kind pilot. Breakfast in the desert was good

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

Good, and lucky, no wind that morning.

Bernard, Vincent - 09th Sep, 2009